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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Comment from Paxton!

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The next meeting will be held on Thursday Dec. 15 at 8pm at the Union School Gym in SalineAll concerned citizens are welcome to attend.  Lodi Township Residents Only Please
In the past week, this website received the following email from someone purporting to represent Paxton Resources, the company attempting to lease rights and drill in Lodi Township:

I'm the guy from Paxton... We are an independently owned Michigan company. WE ARE NOT DRILLING AND FRACKING GAS WELLS IN WASHTENAW COUNTY. If you are truly concerned, or curious about who we are or what we are doing please call me. Look our number up online, our one and only office is in Gaylord www.paxtonenergy.com. They will give you my cell number, and I can meet you at a time and place of your choosing. I'm a nice guy, not looking to argue, but am a huge advocate for open dialogue. I'm in Washtenaw county all the time (I'm here right now).

At this point, no one from this site has made any attempt to contact Paxton to discuss this. I would urge you to do so to ensure that your ongoing anti-Paxton campaign is at least factually accurate. Thepeople in charge of O&G development are the DEQ. You can find a lot of information by simply contacting them or clicking around this site http://www.michigan.gov/deq
Gregory J. Vadnais
Assuming that this is from Paxton, we offer the following comments in response:

A) "We are an independently owned Michigan company": We understand that Paxton Resources is a Michigan-owned company that operates both inside and outside Michigan. For example, Paxton lost the Brannaman lawsuit -- referred to elsewhere on this website -- which arose out of its activities in Wyoming. Mr. Vadnais is named in media reports regarding that lawsuit.

COUNTY": We have no idea what exploration, drilling, or fracking activities Paxton is presently conducting in Washtenaw County. The proposed leases that Paxton has sent to homeowners in Washtenaw County would not preclude Paxton from engaging in hydraulic fracturing (or "fracking").

C) "no one from this site has made any attempt to contact Paxton to discuss this": It is not our responsibility to provide a platform for Paxton's views. If Paxton would like to convey additional information regarding their intentions, they can do so on their own website.
 D) "... is at least factually accurate.": If any information on  this website is factually inaccurate, please bring that to our attention. This website does not pass along rumors, and provides  factual information from reputable sources like the New York Times and  the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
 E) "The people in charge of O&G [oil and gas] development are the  DEQ": The DEQ's responsibility is to protect the natural environment  in Michigan, including by regulating oil and gas development  consistent with public health and environmental protection.

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