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Monday, April 23, 2012

Irish Hills Ruined By Oil Wells

There have been 42+ oil/gas wells completed by West Bay Exploration in the Norvell Township/Irish Hills, over the last two years.  Many of the residents are not happy about how their area has been ruined by the industrial development.  A few of them attended the meeting held in Saline by State Representative Mark Ouimet on April 18.  In talking with one of them, it was unsettling to hear that the oil company will soon, if not already, be drilling horizontally under Wamplers Lake. There's an oil/gas well not more than 400 or 500 yards from the edge of the lake. The reality is that communities, dependent on an environment shared by all, is under siege by companies with an interest in what lies underneath their land.

Other examples of what's happening in the Irish Hills include hearing what sounds like a jet turbine at night; hearing about a neighbor's two-year old child developing asthma; and seeing dead fish floating in Wamplers Lake-- one fish having died in the midst of devouring another. 

And then there's the story of a health care professional, who lives in a neighboring town who has endured endless frustration and shame while pleading with the DEQ and the oil/gas company to listen to her distress at not having windows open in the summer, or sitting out on the porch on a summer's evening; at witnessing her horses struggle with impaired lung disorder; at consolling her friend when she lost all her goats; or watching her friend's health deteriorate with chronic nose bleeds and a breathing disorder; at knowing that no one will buy her home if she decides she can no longer live on the land she loves. And it doesn't help the value of her home when eight wells surround it.  

It was hydrogen sulfide emissions from the hydraulic fracked Kelly Well, #60212 HD-1, in Hillsdale County, (completed in 2006) that caused the living hell. Two residences were directly affected, due to the wind blowing in the direction of the homes. Continental Resources, Inc. nor the DEQ seemed too concerned until 2011, when the problem was fixed-- five years later.

These stories are real.   If you have signed an oil lease we hope you will make a serious commitment to terminating the agreement with Paxton.