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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Glenn Law, Mayoral Candidate for City of Saline, on Oil and Gas Development in the Saline Michigan Area

We apologize - Glenn did respond back in August, and we simply misplaced the email (!). We apologize profusely! Mr. Law had this response to our inquiry:

I am strongly opposed to any effort to drill for oil or gas here or anywhere in the state without first checking all of the safety aspects of such procedures. Even then after all safety steps have been addressed (health wise and environmentally) I would only support it on a limited basis. Our wells and water are one of our very important and vital natural resources. Michigan takes pride in being home to the greatest concentration of fresh water in the world. We should take every step possible to protect it. On the other side of the coin I pride myself during the years I was on city council of making sure all sides of an issue were heard. I make no exception here. I want to hear what your group and the "opposing" group have to say about the matter. It is only fair and right that all voices are heard. How else can elected officals make a proper and sound  decision. As mayor I would continue to oppose such measures until all safety aspects have been addressed. I hope this helps you and members of your group understand where I stand. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to call me or e-mail me.

So, there it is, folks - compare with Mr. Marl's response, and the choice is yours!