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If you live in Lodi or Saline and have been approached by a company calling itself Paxton Resources, or are concerned about potential side-effects of oil and gas drilling on your or your neighbors properties and want to learn more, please contact us at: nopaxton at gmail dot com

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pleasant Lake Rd / Parker Rd Possible Oil Wells

On Sunday November 18 a member of NoPaxton was in the checkout line at Buschs around dinnertime.   The person in front of him was having a conversation wtih the cashier and the word "oil" was mentioned and the person was purchasing a Congratulations greeting card.

Being curious our NoPaxcton member struck up a conversation with the other shopper.

NoPaxton Member: excuse me; did I hear you say oil?
Person: yes. Oil. We are celebrating

NoPaxton Member: Yeah, I heard that they found some oil in Saline Township south of Michigan Av., Do you live in that area?
Person: no, I live on Pleasant Lake and Parker

NoPaxton Member: Pleasant Lake road and Parker?
Person: Yes.

NoPaxton Member: wow, that was quick, didn’t they just test a couple of months ago?
Person: yes and they found oil. They already pickup drilling spots for me and my neighbor

NoPaxton Member: Have you looked on the internet to see what is going on?
Person: yes, I have. I wanted to get a better deal than what they offered. I got a lawyer and got a much better deal; time to celebrate.
(he says that as he gets his money from the casher and leaves).

This is not good news to those of us who want to keep our land beautiful and free of chemicals and industrial wastes.  Unfortunately there are many is our society who are shortsighted and can only see the cash, which may or may not come.