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Monday, November 17, 2014

Sad News - Oil Well Planned for Grass Rd.

As everyone has noticed our site has been quiet for some time now.  Some of our neighbors have sold their homes and moved to avoid living near the oil wells that are coming to Lodi township.

Many of us have decided to stick it out.  Many of us have lived here a very long time, have invested alot of time and energy in our homes, enjoy the woods, etc.    I am sure that some of us were hoping the wells would come up dry and Paxton would pack up and go home.   Since none of that has happened we are left here to see an oil well planned along Grass Rd. 

The well is planned on the Gatt farm which takes up much of the space at the corner of Austin and  Grass Rd in Saline Township.  The border with Lodi township is just a few hundred feet up the road of the planned location of the well.

The posts marking the proposed driveway for trucks to enter the well site from Grass Rd to pick up oil were marked about a month ago with stakes that have blue ribbons on them.   On the ribbons is written "Proposed Driveway".  It does not take much imagination to figure out for what.

We understand that the Washtenaw County Rd. Commission Supervisor for western Washtenaw county, John Posegay, is insisting on clearing 500 feet of trees around the driveway of the proposed well.   A few days ago we noticed that about 15 large trees have been marked with hot pink spray paint.   Johns' phone number is 734.327.6690.  Please call and tell him you want to save the trees on Grass Rd.

The permit for the well has not even been requested yet and already they are preparing to knock down beautiful trees that are 50 - 100 years old or more. What happens if the well comes up dry, the trees will already be gone at the rate the county is moving.

For many years I have walked along Grass Rd in the hot summer evenings and enjoyed the beautiful canopy that the trees formed over the road.  It is a shame to think that many of these trees will be gone thanks to Paxtons and Gatts oil well.

The movie "Cupcake Bandit" was filmed on this area of Grass Rd several summers ago.  Here are a few scenes from the movie.  You can see how beautiful the trees lining the road are in the summer time.  And now the Washtenaw County Road Commission wants to remove the trees for no good reason.

We are encouraging everyone to call  John Posegay and tell him that you want to preserve the trees on Grass Rd.   Johns contact from the Washtenaw County Rd Commission employee directory is:

email:   posegayj@wcroads.org 
phone:  734-327-6690

Please call and e-mail John Posegay and leave us a comment below to let us know that you did.